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Van Bert Farms would like to wish everyone a healthy and happy 2016! 
We have
come to know so many awesome people throughout the 50 years of being a training, breeding and sales facility.  We appreciate everyone that has given us the opportunity to share our passion for the horse!  The horse has sustained us for many years and as our 50 years of celebration comes to a close in 2015, we look forward to 2016 being a wonderful year because of God, family and friends. 


Thanks to all, we look forward to meeting and sharing with those interested in horses for the trail and competitions in 2016!


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Van Bert Farms is owned by the Derickson Family, the establishment is now being operated by the fifth generation. Van Bert Farms breeds, sells and trains; Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses, Mountain Pleasure Horses and Pleasure Walking Horses. The Farm consists of over 300 acres near the quaint little town of Stanton, Kentucky. Van Bert Farms has been operating as a Kentucky horse farm and full service equine training facility since 1965. The farm is encircled by the Red River and the picturesque Appalachian Foothills making this part of the beautiful Red River Valley.

Because of the beauty of this area many natural sites attract visitors from all over the world. More than 200 natural bridges are found in this part of Kentucky. Natural Bridge State Park is within 15 miles of Van Bert Farms, and is famous for the largest natural arches. The Park offers tourist miles of hiking trails, camp sites and fishing. The Red River Gorge is also a main attraction to visitors to our area, it has aptly been dubbed as the "little grand canyon" and is within 12 miles of Van Bert Farms.  Van Bert Farms trainers often ride the beautiful trails and gorges there.

Driving 10 minutes west of the farm is the site for the prestigious United Mountain Horse World Championship, held every September in Winchester, Kentucky. The United Mountain Horse World Championship brings together all the registered Mountain Horse breeds where the Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain and the Mountain Pleasure registered horses can compete for the honorable right to wear the Grand Championship Division rings.

Continuing west the road will bring you to the rolling hills of the bluegrass of Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington is home to the Kentucky Wildcats the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park.  The KHP is the facility that host many National Events such as the 2010 Altech World Games and the Rolex 3-Day Event. The Park is the headquarters for 34 National Horse Organizations as well. When one mentions Kentucky horses we can't forget the prestigious Keeneland Race Way or Churchill Downs located in Louisville, KY just 2 hours from Van Bert Farms.

Thoroughbreds are not the only part of the Kentucky Horse Industry. Trail Pleasure Horses dominate sales in the state of KY. The Mountain Horse industry encompasses several registries; Rocky, Kentucky, and Mountain Pleasure. Spotted Mountain Horses are also registered in the Kentucky Mountain Association. The three associations essentially possess the same traits of a smooth even four beat gait a temperament that is willing and docile is exhibited through-out the breed. The breed has the ability to maintain form and stamina while carrying their rider over long distances and rough terrain. If your knees and back are preventing you from riding, the Mountain Horse has proven that you can once again get back in the saddle and enjoy the "horse" .


Mountain Horses are native to eastern Kentucky and have always been a part of the Appalachian life. Economic times have never been easy for families of eastern Kentucky but the Mountain Horse has always been a part of the heritage of hard work, good times and survival. The "Mountain Horses" were used in the logwoods and the mines yet they were expected to be the horse that would allow small children to ride them to the "fishing hole" on Saturday and pull the buggy to church on Sunday. My father speaks of a mare named "Dinna" as if she were part of the family, she lived to be over 30 years of age.  The Mountain Horse can be part of your family as well.

Van Bert Farms is proud to be part of this treasured Kentucky heritage with the pride in breeding, training and selling of the Rocky, KY or Mountain Pleasure Horses. Van Bert Farms offers over 200 head of horses that include; Mares, Stallions, Geldings, Yearlings, and Weanlings for sale at all times. The farm has top quality horses and some of the best trainers in the industry. If you want to be in the arena, trail competitions or you love the trail rides, "we can bring you together with your dream horse."


Plan a visit to our facility and see this wonderful horse for yourself and while you are here plan to experience some of the greatest natural beauty this country has to offer.